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Stealth LC: Bringing Premier Lacrosse Player Development to the State of Michigan

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More Than Just A Club

Dive into the heart of our mission at Stealth. Learn about our dedication to equipping high school athletes with the needed tools not just for the game, but for life.

Our unique approach centers around comprehensive player development, collegiate preparation, and fostering a deep sense of community.

Find out how we're making a difference in Metro Detroit and shaping the future of lacrosse.


Excellence in Every Play

We focus intensely on developing each player's skills, understanding of the game, and physical fitness to ensure they are more than just ready for college lacrosse—they are primed to excel. By prioritizing practice time over travel time, our players are able to realize progress much more efficiently and perform at a higher level.
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Uncover the core of our coaching strategy: a focus on skill, character, and the long-term growth of each player.
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See how Stealth expertly guides players through the college recruitment process, turning potential into collegiate opportunities.
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Meet our dynamic club teams that blend talent, dedication, and teamwork to excel on and off the field.

Sharper Skills, Elevated Game

At Stealth Lacrosse, our training programs are the cornerstone of athletic development. We offer a comprehensive suite of training options including individual skill enhancement, small group sessions, film analysis, and mental performance coaching.

Each program is tailored to foster growth, resilience, and superior lacrosse IQ, preparing players not just for the next game, but for a thriving career in lacrosse.

Accelerate Your Lacrosse journey

Step into our specialized Lacrosse Camps and Clinics, where high school athletes transform their potential into prowess. Each session is designed to offer intensive skill development, strategic game play insights, and a competitive edge, all in an engaging and supportive environment. Whether you're fine-tuning your technique or seeking a breakthrough in your play, our camps and clinics are your gateway to lacrosse excellence.
C O L L E G E  C O M M I T S

Our Athletes, Their Future

Each logo represents more than a college choice; it's a testament to the hard work, dedication, and skill cultivated at Stealth Lacrosse. These universities are not just our players' next steps—they're milestones in a journey of success we're honored to be a part of. See where our commitment to player development leads.
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